Miracles Do Happen




When I last posted I mentioned that I hoped when we returned from our trip that some good stuff would have miraculously happened in Kae’s life.  I am pleased to announce that two of the things I’d hoped for came true. 1. She was served with a divorce summons!

Not something that a mother would normally be happy about but under the circumstances – domestic violence – this mother is happy!  Of course this summons comes after W cut off the water, electricity, internet, cable, cancelled credit cards, changed bank accounts and ceased contributing to the mortgage payment.  He wrote a clause in the papers stating that from the day she was served “both parties are restrained from making any changes to any insurance, bank accounts, etc….. So calculated!

2. She also found employment one day a week with a law firm – not the one she will use to finalize her impending divorce.  I do not know if it’s these two facts that contributed to her decision to halt the alcohol use again – but she has been sober for several weeks now.  Crossing my fingers that she can continue down this path.  Like….crossing my toes and arms and legs too!

In the last few weeks – actually it began to happen while we were away – my conversations with her turned for the better.  I didn’t hang up wondering, “is she drinking?” . I hung up knowing she was sober by her voice, her words, her laugh.  You may not have any idea how good this feels.

Today I remain hopeful!

2 thoughts on “Miracles Do Happen

  1. I have recently began blogging myself and if my name weren’t Kae, I’d believe you were my mother. I, myself, am in recovery, from alcohol, with 30 months sober. Perhaps you would understand an alcoholics struggle from following my blog 🙂 it is indeed a struggle but there is hope, in recovery. I to come from a supportive family, educated etc… the adjectives you use in describing your daughter. Hopefully my posts will shed some light on this close issue you and your family are finding solutions for.


    • Thank you for your encouraging words! I read several of your posts. Reading them helped me realize the shame my daughter must feel and that breaks my heart…..she had a good weekend and yesterday was a good day! We like those days – right? As you said, the worst day sober is better than a drunk day – any day!


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