I am less than a week away from leaving the country.  For real!  My husband, Kae’s Dad and I are traveling abroad for a couple of weeks.  A much needed vacation for the two of us.  We are calling this “Our Spontaneous Trip”.  It is really to celebrate a big anniversary but we plan to be super impulsive.  It sounds like fun!  We need rest and relaxation while taking pleasure in being on vacation!

I pray that while we are away Kae doesn’t have any mishaps or disasters.  I pray that when we return to the states that she’s miraculously gotten her self together, that a fabulous job has landed in her lap and that divorce proceedings have begun.  Is this too much to ask?

Time will tell.  Meantime I may be a bit absent again….cross your fingers that I am having the time of my life!  Sound selfish?  Maybe…but I’m going for it! And I promise not to feel guilty!

Bon Voyage!

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